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To reinforce the academic curriculum and impart a global vision, help extra choice, a series of talks and workshops are held throughout the year by eminent personalities from the world of Science, Arts, Academics, Media, Music, Economics, Business, IT, Technology, Interior Design, Heritage, Culture, Dance, Drama, Politics and Diplomacy. The topics range from Environment to Substantial Development through Non-violence, Architecture to Bio-diversity, Elections and Democracy to Story-telling as an Art to Save the Tiger, to importance of Maths, Physics and Computers in everyday life. Special months of the year are designated to special activities, such as the Science Month, the Literary Month, the Environment Month in which students discover their talent and showcase their efforts.

Our obsession with Learning by Doing prompts us to begin our year in a voyage of self discovery for the students through self-expression. From the nursery classes children participate in gymnastics, karate, Tae-kwon-do, skating, Football, splash pool and yoga which helps develop confidence, agility and coordinative abilities and reduce stress bringing happiness.Students take part in National, State, District, Zonal and Inter School events.

The school also provides scholarships to deserving candidates. Students participate in track and field events and inter-school competitions. Special training is provided in specific disciplines before school hours and after school hours. Physical Education is provided as an optional subject for Class XI & XII. Inter-house competitions are major school events.The Annual Sports day held at the year end is a popular and an eagerly awaited event.

We take note of national and international festivals and anniversaries at our morning assemblies and also celebrate them through dance, drama, music, debate, story-telling sessions, painting and other creative endeavors. The new term beginning in April sees children being regaled with tales of Lord Mahavira and Buddha, Good Friday and Id interwoven with Sanskaras of ahimsa and non-violence, thus laying the foundation for making our country a role model for multicultural democracy. Baisakhi is also celebrated, by turn, as it is observed in different parts of India – Bihu in Assam, Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and so on. July sees the students singing raag Malhaar in an Inter-school Music & Dance Competition which invokes the rain god

Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan are celebrated together. The hoisting of our national flag is accompanied by a Science Exhibition and the tying of rakhis not only by the girls to the boys but also the other way round. This is because we believe that both technological progress and an equal acceptance of the girl child are essential pre-requisites for an independent India. The rakhis made in the three colours of our national flag symbolize not merely national harmony but also convey gender equality. Our annual inter-school competitions/workshops have become a regular feature on the Delhi School circuit and draw in best of schools to our doors

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