Music & Dance

Music is compulsory in the first five years of the student’s life. The school has its own orchestra and its own junior and senior choir. All the children take part in group singing which includes regional songs, inter-faith prayers and chanting of Sanskrit hymns and shlokas. Instrumental music forms an integral part of the music curriculum and children are encouraged to take part in choral music.

Indian and Western classical music is played in the foyer every morning to encourage students to develop an ear for music. The morning assembly begins with prayers followed by patriotic song.

Our music teachers make it a point to teach songs from different provinces of India. A special room has been created for Western Music and children play a variety of stringed and percussion instruments. Piano lessons are also offered. The school has its own band.

Dance and Drama are a tangible medium to express life in all its facets-literary, social, political and historical and every attempt is made to integrate it into mainstream education. They translate and transform events, ideas and stores into expressions that stay with the viewer and the participants.

The Dance and Drama culture at The Indian School finds regular expression in ballets, plays, improvisation, performances in hobby classes and skits presented during the school assembly. During theme-week festivals like Malhaar, the inter-school Dance & Music competition hosted by our school, we draw over a dozen schools and has become a much awaited event on the Delhi School circuit. The creative endeavours of the students culminate in the Annual Day function where as many as 700 children participate in a Dance Drama with a social theme. We have an excellent indoor auditorium and provisions for an amphitheatre to do justice to their efforts

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