Art & Craft

Every attempt is made to introduce children to the rich and varied artistic traditions of the country. Children are allowed to experiment and explore in their chosen medium before being guided to a structured approach. Eminent painters, sculptors, potters are regularly invited to the school. Students are taken to art galleries and shown art films to heighten their awareness and appreciation. Art and Craft Art is harnessed to enrich other branches of learning. For instance Art forms like Madhubani, Palchitras, Warli paintings, etc. also are used to provide a backdrop to story-telling. Visiting tribal artists are invited to demonstrate their craft


Art activity is plentifully evident all over the school. It is seen in the arrangements of the Display Boards, the designing of invitation cards, sign boards, stickers & posters. It is evident in the way we celebrate our festivals – rangoli/ kolam for Diwali, Holi. In the clay- modeling for making of Ganesha for Ganesh Chaturthi. As also during Environment Week when we have painting and Drawing competitions for different classes.
The School offers the following courses in art and crafts.

Painting and drawing

Tie and dye Techniques of orienting Batik

Puppet making

Decorating gift boxes

Needle work & embroidery

Jewellery making

Flower making

Candle making

Mask making

Origam Rangoli/Kolam

Clay modeling on our own electric potter’s

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