Que. Whatare the school timings for Kindergartners?

Ans. School timings are 8:45 am to 1:00 pm for kindergartners.

Que. Whether the course followed is according to CBSE norms?

Ans. Yes, CBSE norms are being followed,

Que. Is there any other branch of MMCA?


Que. What makes Kindergarten education special in your school?

Ans. * Our teaching, learning process is based on Multiple Intelligence Theory. .
* Specially designed class room based on colour theme has a comforting & lively ambience to nurture the imagination of the child. .
* Children are taught through a ‘Learning by doing method’ “Touch”, “Explore”, “Learning” & “Enjoy”.

Que. What are the co-curricular activities carries out in the school for kindergartners?

Ans. Art & Craft, Painting, Dance, Music, Acting, Mimicry, Sports etc.

Que. Is there any medical check-up facility available in the school?

Ans. There is a doctor & nurse, who provides proper first aid facility.

Que. Is canteen facility available?

Ans. Yes

Que. How to contact with the class teacher?

Ans. Class teacher may be contacted with the prior appointment and consent of the Principal.

Que. How we will come to know about school activities and holidays?

Ans. In the syllabus booklet, school provides an activity calendar which contains the list of holidays also.

Que. What Facilities School provides to kindergartners?

Ans. * We provide smart class. .
* Sufficient nursery equipment and toys.
* Audio-visual aids, a big electric train and playground along with swings are provided to the students. .

Que. Whether any psychological counselling being given to students when required?

Ans. The students are well taken care of and proper guidance is being given to the students and parents. We arrange expert guest lecturers from time to time.

Que. Education in MMCA is becoming more popular than other schools, what is your special feature?

Ans. Today the school is known for its academic excellence for integrated teaching with technology which helps to cultivate a scientific temper.
We have strived to give the term “Panchmukhi Shiksha” a fresh, new and broader meaning. It is a blend of old world culture and traditions along with progressive sensibilities, a global vision, tolerance and determination.

Que. What is the objective of MMCA?

Ans. The objective of MMCA is to create ideal citizens moving together hand in hand and spread the light of education& love.

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